About Us

Welcome to Connie & Co.


My name is Connie, founder and bag designer of Connie & Co. I’ve been in the photography business for five years. I’m a local deputy sheriff and own a pet grooming business. Having a camera bag business was something that I never thought in my wildest dreams would ever happen. After searching high and low for the perfect bag, I realized the only person who would be able make a bag tailored to my exact needs would be ME; With many trials and tribulations, Connie & Co. was born and The Ariel bag(named in honor of my 15 year old cocker spaniel.) was created. I wanted a bag that would be strong enough to carry thousands of dollars worth of equipment without the slightest thought of it breaking; something feminine yet not be a target to be stolen (speaking within the deputy of me) and the features to accommodate every photographer, amateur or pro (multiple pockets, memory card holders).

I am happily married with two fur babies Pippa and Petals. When I’m not running three business and shifts at the Sheriff's Office, I enjoy quiet time at home and creating upcoming designs for my bags. I also enjoy engaging with the members of the Connie & Co. Community group. Our group has six admins (including myself) that offer daily tutorials, topics of conversations including group meet-ups, advice on equipment and juggling work/home life. Our members even contribute their own tutorials and professional advice!

As I mentioned, I never sought out to have a camera bag business. I am in it because I love bringing my ideas to life and being a part of a community of photographers. I always have an open ear and love hearing the opinions of fellow photographers for future creations. I recently worked with a fellow photographer for my Petals Collection (yes, also named after one of my fur babies) to include a backpack that would fulfill almost every photographer in mind. I get such a thrill when I see other photographers proudly wearing my bags - to think a small-town girl from North Carolina has photographers all around the world inquiring and purchasing MY bags!

The Wandering Wayfarer, our newly created backpack is one of my favorite bags thus far. I absolutely love the femininity of it yet it is so practical; You can fit everything you need, for any type of shoot. I also love that you can wear it with a pretty dress or a comfy pair of leggings and a tee. I try to make all of my bags versatile, to ensure any photographer, from any genre of photography can use it.

Considering there are quite a few companies that create and sell camera bags, I try my hardest to always be available to each and every one purchasing my bag. I also ensure that my customers get the best pricing and quickest shipping possible, keeping in mind that a photography business is quite expensive to build and maintain. I personally test bags before I release them so that I can personally guarantee the bags and offer the best quality assurance possible.

At Connie & Co. we treat our customers like family, feel free to email us anytime.